Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Josephine: The Dazzling Life of Josephine Baker by Patricia Hruby Powell - - ESSENTIAL

Powell, Patricia Hruby Josephine: The Dazzling Life of Josephine Baker, illustrated by Christian Robinson, 104 pgs. Chronicle Books, 2014 $17.99. PICTURE BOOK Content: G.  

American singer and dancer, Josephine Baker, was born to entertain.  But her venues were limited in America of the 1920’s so she went to Paris where things were very different.  This is an amazing biography, telling the story of prejudice, acceptance, and a life of performing.  

The text is poetry, the pictures are colorful and both author and illustrator have researched well. It’s long for a picture book, but a quick read as it is narrated in verse.  Everything is age appropriate.  It is a marvelous tribute to an amazing woman.   EL MS - ESSENTIAL HS - ADVISABLE Lisa Librarian

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