Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Roller Derby Rivals by Sue Macy –NOT RECOMMENDED.

Macy, Sue Roller Derby Rivals 32 pgs, Holiday House, 2014. $16.95 PICTURE BOOK/NON-FICTION
This book is a window in the heyday of Roller Derby in the late 1940s, particularly the rivalry between female derby girls “Toughie” and Gerry. Is one really a villain and one a heroine? Readers learn a bit about the sport, its tie to the new medium of Television, and the strong female players. Includes a ton of facts in the back of the book.
Roller Derby is very much popular again, but this book is kind of obscure topic for a school library. I also think that the sport can be confusing if you are not familiar with it, and this book doesn’t make it any clearer. The artwork is stellar and does a fantastic job of showing action. This is a fun book for an enthusiast, fan, or player but not really something I would add to my school library.
EL –NOT RECOMMENDED Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author.

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