Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Washington’s War (Blast to the Past Book #7) by Stacis Duetsch –OPTIONAL

Duetsch, Stacia Washington’s War (Blast to the Past Book #7) 128 pgs, Aladdin, 2007. $5.99
Abigail, Zach, Bo and Jacob are sent back in time again, by their history teacher, to stop the meddling of the evil Babs, who wants to ruin history. This time they must try their best to help George Washington stay in the miserable Valley Forge with his army. George wants to give up and go home, he doesn’t know that if just stays a bit longer help will be coming, and the impact waiting will have on the future of our country. But George will take a lot of convincing, and the kids must take him on a tour of the military, in the future, to show him what  the outcomes are from staying in Valley Forge.
I have reviewed books in this series before, and I find the plots complex and convoluted. There are just too many elements for starting chapter book readers; the hardly present history teacher, the plots between the characters at school, the complex time travel unit, the nemesis who they never actually have contact with. I wish, for this reading age group, the author could have kept it simpler. Maybe this history teacher sends the students back to observe and one always messes things up, then they fix it. This short book manages to stuff in just enough facts and history that a 2-3 grade reader would be overwhelmed. I am not a big fan of this series.
EL (K-3) – OPTIONAL Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author.

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