Friday, January 20, 2023

The Second Death of Edie and Violet Bond by Amanda Glaze - ESSENTIAL

The Second Death of Edie and Violet Bond by Amanda Glaze
, 362 pages. Union Square & Co., 2022. $10

Language: PG (4 swears, 0 ‘f’); Mature Content: PG (kissing); Violence: PG-13 (threats, kidnapping, bloody death) 



In 1885 Sacramento, amidst the fight for women’s rights, runaway twins work for a performance troupe as psychics. Edie is reserved while her twin Violet is theatrical. Edie’s and Violet’s mother had spiritualist powers and she helped her daughters learn how to be safe with the powers they inherited from her. When their mother dies due to a shadow spirit, their preacher father threatens to send them to an asylum so they run away. They join up with the troupe and meet like-minded women trying to make a living. Edie and Violet become embroiled in a mystery that’s bigger than they ever imagined and much more dangerous than they planned on.

I appreciate the author’s note explaining how she based this story on her deceased great grandmother and her twin sister, who both happened to be spiritualists. I was riveted throughout the entire book because the story is interesting and I love the characters. The danger and suspense are intense. The ethnicity is mixed with the sisters being white, with Italian and Black secondary characters. LGBT couple mentioned.

LynnDell Watson, Delta High School Librarian

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