Monday, January 2, 2023

The Daredevils by Rob Buyea - ESSENTIAL

The Daredevils by Rob Buyea,
 229 pages. Delacorte (Random House). 2022. $18 

Content: G



It's the summer before 7th grade. Loretta and Waylon are fraternal twins and are very different. Loretta has always been Waylon's protector - besting the bullies and keeping her eye on her smaller brother. But, this summer, her parents want both of them to become more independent - they won't be in every class together anymore, and Waylon needs to learn to stand up for himself. So, like Mr. Miyagi, Loretta has planned a summer in the woods, with tasks designed to build Waylon's strength and confidence. Then they meet Louie - he's just a bit older, but the perfect new friend - he needs confidence and strength too - and has some lessons of his own he can teach Loretta and Waylon. 

Narrated by both Loretta and Waylon, I loved the alternating perspectives. True to Buyea's writing style the kids are realistic and complex. I loved Loretta's love of movies - she keeps relating things to scenes from movies she's loved and encourages the reader to see them (or listen to the song). I loved their parents - letting the kids have their experiences, but keeping tabs all the same. Highly recommended. 

Lisa Librarian

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