Friday, January 6, 2023

Merci Suarez Plays it Cool by Meg Medina - ADVISABLE

Merci Suarez Plays it Cool (Merci Suarez #3)
by Meg Medina
, 340 pages. Candlewick. 2022 $19.

Language: G (0 swears 0 'f'); Mature Content: G (Merci sees a friend and her boyfriend kissing); Violence: G. 



This year Merci is in 8th grade. A lot is going on at home, Lolo’s Alzheimers is progressing, some days he doesn’t recognize anyone and he’s always “waiting for a bus”. Tia has reached out to Marcos - the twins' father - for some financial help, which brings him back into the picture. Merci isn’t sure she likes sharing the twins with someone else. And at school . . . Merci’s with her regular group of friends, but they only have lunch and PE together. But she has homeroom with Avery - from the soccer team. There’s a big sleep away trip for 8th graders to St. Augustine, Merci, and her friends equal 4, the number of students per room including Edna, who is better than a random person - but when Avery asks Merci to join her Soccer Room, Merci doesn’t know what to do. Could this be her opportunity to finally be part of the popular crowd, but what about her friends? 

Merci Suarez Plays It Cool is the most poignant of the series, as Merci gets older, she starts to see things in a different way - she's more involved with the family drama as well as friend issues. She has more responsibility, she's a TA at school and is entrusted with keeping things private that happen in the counseling center. I laughed and I cried. I have loved this series and recommend all three. Merci and her family are Latinx. 

Lisa Librarian 

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