Saturday, January 14, 2023

Haven Jacobs Saves the Planet by Barbara Dee - AVERAGE

Haven Jacobs Saves the Planet
by Barbara Dee
286 pages. Aladdin Paperbacks (Simon and Schuster). 2022. $18

Content: G



12yo Haven Jacobs is concerned about the environment. Her science teacher has been showing the class videos about melting glaciers and the effects of climate change. Haven wants to do something, and make a difference - her brother Carter makes fun of her, and her friends are starting to feel like she's weird, always talking about the penguins and Antarctica. Concern has turned into anxiety - Haven isn't sleeping, her schoolwork is affected, her friends are pointing out that she's chewing on her fingernails and one recommends wearing a band on her wrist so she can flip it when she needs to. She joins a group through her science class that is studying a local river. Their findings are not good - Haven organizes a protest. 

Young people can make a difference, I really liked that Haven did something about the environment, other than worry. I loved her supportive parents - and the fact that they wanted her to talk to a therapist, while still supporting her cause. I also liked her relationship with Archer, they've always been friends, but in middle school, sometimes boy/girl friendships get unwanted attention, but that's a subject for another book. The kids in my library love Barbara Dee, I'm excited to add Haven Jacobs Saves the Planet to my collection. Haven is White. 

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