Saturday, January 28, 2023

In Honor of Broken Things by Paul Acampora - ESSENTIAL

In Honor of Broken Things
by Paul Acampora
, 197 pages. Dial, 2022. $18 

Content: G



Three eighth grade students are thrown together in pottery class. Oscar is the star of the football team, but he just lost his little sister to cancer. Ellie feels her mom dragged her to this tiny town from Philadelphia and Noah has been homeschooled his whole life. These three students bond over ceramics and things that are broken in their lives. They form a very unlikely friendship and realize that some things that are broken will never be fixed. 

The story of these three young people was both fascinating, heartwarming and heartbreaking. They stick together and do things they might not have normally done, just to support each other. I loved the story that showed that no matter what your background, you can make friends, do your best and live a good life. It really helps them that they have each other. I loved the story and highly recommend it.  The main characters are American and Mexican. 

Ellen-Anita. Librarian 

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