Sunday, January 1, 2023

Big Tree by Brian Selznick - ADVISABLE

Big Tree
by Brian Selznick
, 528 pages. Scholastic Press (Scholastic).  April 2023. $33. 

Content: G. 



Louise and Merwin are siblings - seeds from the same tree. Their mother, a giant sycamore has released them together as a stampede and fire threaten their forest. Mama has taught them that they need to plant themselves where there is sun, soil, and a water source, but finding the right place in a harsh environment proves to be quite difficult. 

With Selznick's illustrations telling much of the story, Big Tree isn't as daunting as its 500+ pages would seem. A beautiful and sensitive story - the relationship between the brother and sister is marvelous, and oh, the dialogue! I loved all the supporting characters, the mushrooms, and the scientists were my favorites. Scholastic says grade 2 and up, but I would contend that the sophisticated language is more appropriate for 4th and up. 

Lisa Librarian

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