Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Seoulmates by Susan Lee - NO

Seoulmates by Susan Lee
, 297 pages. Inkyard Press, 2022. $19 

Language: R (77 swears, 18 ‘f’); Mature Content: PG-13 (drinking, “hardness”, intimate, described groping); Violence: G 



17yo Hannah has her perfect summer before senior year – until her boyfriend dumps her, that is. Hannah will do whatever it takes to win him back, even if it means lying to her mother and ignoring their summer guests – Jacob Kim. How could Jacob be back in town! He ghosted her after he moved to Korea and became a K-drama star. How dare he return. Jacob may be a star in a K-drama, but his life is no movie. He and his mom have come to San Diego for Jacob’s foot to heal and for the moms to try to squish them back together. And Jacob’s handler wants him to keep up the fantasy of his romance with his co-star, which definitely doesn’t leave room for his feelings for Hannah. 

What a mess! Hannah is angry, dumped girlfriend without much charm to recommend her as a character to root for. Her only enemy is herself. The added swearing and the intimate scene don’t add anything to what I wanted out of this book. I have way cuter K-pop love tories I can recommend. 

Cindy Mitchell, Library Teacher, MLS 

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