Wednesday, January 18, 2023

The Drowned Woods by Emily Lloyd-Jones - ADVISABLE

The Drowned Woods by Emily Lloyd-Jones
, 352 pages. Little, Brown Books for Young Reders, 2022. $15 Language: G (1 swears, 0 ‘f’); Mature Content: PG; Violence: PG-13 (deathd by fire, kidnapping, gruesome deaths) 



Once upon a time, Mer lives in the kingdom of a make believe Wales which is full of magic and conflict. Mer is a diviner of water, who wants a peaceful life after she’s escaped from the abusive prince. The spymaster that captured her for the prince years ago offers her a job that will give her revenge on the prince and lots of coin so she can start a new life somewhere safe. She meets the rest of the group that includes a lord’s cousin with a gambling debt, a man who seeks revenge, a man that made a deal with the Otherfolk, and a past acquaintance who happens to be an excellent thief. The banter and dynamics keep their journey interesting and the danger builds to intense levels. Mer will have to choose between herself and others and that will help decide her fate and the fate of the kingdom. 

The prose is beautiful and the world building is incredible. I love the variety of characters, especially the Corgi dog. I like how this book ties into the author’s previous book, The Bone Houses. The ethnicity is European.

 LynnDell Watson, Delta High School Librarian

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