Wednesday, January 4, 2023

A Perfect Mistake by Melanie Conklin - ESSENTIAL

A Perfect Mistake
by Melanie Conklin
. 265 pages. Little, Brown and Company/Poppy. 2022 $17. 

Language: G (2 swears 0 'f'); Mature Content: G. Violence: PG (Bullying, minor forced to drink alcohol). 



11yo Max is big for his age, he's almost 6 feet tall and towers over the kids in his grade and some of the teachers too. Something happened to Max's best friend Will. A late night adventure to the Roundhouse on the Res ended tragically, and now Will is in the hospital in a coma. Max doesn't know what happened, when we left everyone was OK, but he thinks if he had stayed he could have done something, so he reasons this whole thing is his fault. Max has recently been diagnosed with ADHD, and he's working with a therapist. But, he can't share these feelings with anyone until he figures out for himself what really happened. 

A Perfect Mistake is a gripping story - I loved the mystery, but the cast of characters is the best. Max is so smart, but his ADHD is making it hard for him to make good choices. i loved Sam - she wants to be a reporter and is a great balance for Sam's insecurity and unsure and anxiousness. Joey - Max's other best friend is sullen and angry - and the two big brothers (Will's and Sam's) late-nightadd a bunch of tension. The adults are also well-balanced. The therapist who doesn't press too hard, Max's mom who is trying to fix things, and his Uncle Cal - Sam calls him Max's Funcle. Highly recommended, and a terrific read. Max and his friends are white. 

Lisa Librarian 

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