Tuesday, January 31, 2023

City of the Dead James Ponti. - ESSENTIAL

City of the Dead
 (City Spies #4) James Ponti, 
390 pages. Aladdin (Simon and Schuster). 2023. $19 

Content: G



The City Spies are back with Kat leading out. Kat is a math whiz who can spot patterns anywhere. Their first mission isn't what they think and it raises more questions than answers. The team heads to Egypt to solve cyberattacks against key London targets and possible connections to ancient Egyptian artifacts. The action picks up when a new player could help them or undermine their whole operation. 

Ponti keeps the action going, but offsets the tension with humor and the interactions of the City Spies team. There is something oddly addictive about this series. Once you pick it up you have to finish. The characters are a delightful mix of different personalities and ethnic backgrounds, and we all wish we had some of their sweet skills. In this book, it was nice to see Kat get to take the lead in a mystery that will make you already want to read the next book in the series. (already mentioned) 

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