Monday, January 23, 2023

How to Manage Your Social Power in Middle School by Bonnie Zucker, PsyD and DeAndra Hodge - ESSENTIAL

How to Manage Your Social Power in Middle School
(Kid Confident #1) by Bonnie Zucker, PsyD, illustrated by DeAndra Hodge
. 223 pages. NON-FICTION Magination Press. 2022. $17. 

Content: G. 



Social Power is the dynamic between you and another person (of a similar age). When Social power is unbalanced, one person tries to have power over the other, or take the other's power away. Sometimes this is mild - a friend ignores you or says something rude, or can be extreme - extreme power imbalance is called bullying. Especially in middle school, kids test out social power (most likely the cause of a lot of the drama at school). In this helpful book, kids are taught what their social rights are and how to be assertive; they learn about self confidence and self control and what to do to rebalance power. Dr. Zucker gives the reader several scenarios and how the kids in them worked through social power problems. 

She speaks to the reader in positive and helpful ways. I loved that she encouraged the reader to role play and make a plan. She called it a "Stress Inoculation Plan" because the more you practice the more confidence you feel and the better prepared you will be. I loved the note to parents at the beginning that says - your kid needs to learn to do this themselves, don't just call the other kid's parents. I loved the repetition and how the skills build on each other, and there are a bunch of extra resources. For sure buying for my library along with the rest of the series. 

Lisa Librarian

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