Tuesday, January 24, 2023

A Shadow in the Ember by Jennifer L. Armentrout - NO

A Shadow in the Ember by Jennifer L. Armentrout
, 551 pages. Blue Box Press, 2021. $20 (paperback)

Language: R (115 swears, 42 ‘f’); Mature Content: R (graphic, handsy kissing/ descriptive sex); Violence: R (baby murder/ violent graphic killing/ descriptive threats)



The first princess since the deal was made, Sera was born for one purpose: save her kingdom and kill the Primal of Death. She has trained her whole life for this in etiquette and weapons alike. So when the Primal turns her away, refusing to follow through with his deal and take her to his realm to marry, her life falls apart. Three years later, Sera has become her mother's personal assassin, but as the deal has gone unfinished, the kingdom is falling in rapid despair as it is claimed by both the Rot as well as violent, cruel gods. But not all gods are evil. In fact Sera may come to not only befriend one, but maybe just love him as they work to solve the issue of unruly gods. Ash is unexpectedly kind, unbelievable powerful, and is growing a little to close to Sera's heart for comfort. 

I'm not sure if it was because I had just finished a phenomenal series or something else entirely, but this book fell short in nearly every single category. The editing was atrocious and the book was full of grammatical errors; the writing and character development was subpar at best, and, worst of all, the characters were unlikeable and unbelievable. This book has nearly four and a half stars on both Goodreads and Barnes and Noble and is one of the most recommended on social medias, but I was not impressed! Not to mention the graphic sexual scenes including dirty talk and described arousal, this made for a rather unpleasant read. After reading this, I either need a phenomenal book to believe again that books are worth reading, or to take a month-long reading cleanse. Sera is white and Ash is a tan white man, both are straight. Most of their acquaintances also fall under this description except for Sera's stepsister who makes this book LGBTQ+ friendly.

Sierra Finlinson 

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