Sunday, January 15, 2023

Meet Me in Mumbai by Sabina Khan - HIGH

Meet Me in Mumbai by Sabina Khan
, 352 pages. Push (Scholastic), 2022. $19 

Language: R (6 swears, 1 ‘f’); Mature Content: PG-13 (unwed pregnancy, off page sex, condoms, abortion mentioned); Violence: G 



18yo Ayesha is living in the US with her Desi aunt and uncle, working hard to get good grades so she can get into a good college. Then she meets Suresh, also from India and falls in love. When Suresh’s father takes ill, he rushed back to India to care for him and the family – at the same time Ayesha discovers she is pregnant, but Suresh brushes her off, overwhelmed by concerns at home. Ayesha knows that her relatives and parents will ostracize her, so she finds a lesbian couple to adopt her baby and takes off for Texas to live with them instead. When the baby girl is born, she leaves for India and tries tp pick up her life as if the baby never happened. 18 years later, that baby, Mira, finds the few items that Ayesha left behind when she fled back to India. Now Mira, who loves her mothers very much, is set on fire by a desire to track down her birth mother and hear she story. Even if it involves a trip to India. 

Long summary, but a complicated narrative. The author rushes the narrative at the end, just when things get most complicated, so I was left having to reread passages two or three times to really understand what people were doing and feeling. Despite that, reading Ayesha’s and Mina’s stories was still worth the time. 

Cindy Mitchell, Library Teacher, MLS LGBT 

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