Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Krazyland by Mar Romasco-Moore - OPTIONAL

Krazyland by Mar Romasco-Moore
, 266 pages.  Delacorte Press Penguin. 2022. $17. 

Language: PG (10 swears 0 'f'); Mature Content: G; Violence: G. 



13yo Nathan has relatives who run the Krazyland Kids Indoor Play Place. He's pretty sure he'll be doomed to work there eventually. Nathan is there under duress for his younger cousin's birthday when a kid goes missing. Nathan discovers a hidden dark side to Krazyland; one that sucks kids under and seems to be getting stronger and more dangerous the longer the rip in reality goes on. 

I like the idea of a dark side to a fun center. Think Five Nights at Freddy's meets the down-under on Stranger Things but a calmer, nicer version. I did like that Nathan actually involves an adult, though the adults in this story are largely useless. While there is a lot going on that will probably interest younger readers, the void ultimately got too trippy for me. Maybe it was the chicken wing sharks, I don't know. Lots of creative action. 

Michelle in the Middle 

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Test said...

Too trippy is a good way to put it, and I worried about the title. We don't really use "crazy" anymore.