Friday, January 6, 2023

Diary Svetlana Chmakova - GIFT

Svetlana Chmakova
, 90 pages. INTERACTIVE Jy (Yen Press). 2019. $13 

Content: G. 



13yo Jaime Thompson is a scientist/engineer, and he hates that the kids in the middle school Science Club tease him because he is friends with a girl. Peppi gets teased, too, by the kids in Art Club. They are working together on a Time Capsule project, to be opened in 100 years. But when Jaime sees some artwork of Peppi's (hearts around the name Jesse) his friends tell him she must like someone. Now Jaime's afraid he will lose his friend. Maribella is living temporarily with her grandmother while her parents work out some things. So she's left Berrybrook Middle and is living in an old-fashioned town and going to a new school. She has trouble making friends on her first day but gets invited to a sleepover. It doesn't go well. 

Diary is just that. A Diary. Includes an 18-month calendar/scheduler, stickers, 2- 26 page graphic stories; a drawing lesson and 68 "sketch a day" entries, some with ideas; a cartooning tutorial, blank diary pages, and several spots for recorded stuff about your favorite people. A great gift for a fan of the Berrybrook Series, but not recommended as a library purchase (which is unfortunate, as the series is alphabetical - Awkward, Brave, Crush, Diary, Enemies) The characters, as always are multicultural and diverse. 

Lisa Librarian

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