Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Ready for a Scare? by P.J. Night - HIGH

Ready for a Scare? The Graphic Novel (You're Invited to a Creepover: The Graphic Novel #3) 
by P.J. Night
, 150 pages. GRAPHIC NOVEL Simon Spotlight (Simon and Schuster). 2022. $21

Content: G  



Kelly Garcia is going to have a slumber party for her birthday. Unfortunately, her parents are delayed by snow so the party is off. Going for a virtual sleepover, Kelly, the queen of all things creepy, tries to scare her friends, but it seems that calling up the ghost of a teen who died tragically in their town might backfire when her friends start to disappear. 

 The Creepover series is just right for reluctant readers or anyone who needs a quick but satisfying read. The art is colorful and haunting and the plot is just the right amount of scary. None of the Creepover books need to be read in order and they have a different cast of characters for each one. I will read any and all of them. The main character is blonde with a wide ethnic variety of friends. 

 Michelle in the Middle

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