Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Falling Out of Time (Running Out of Time #2) by Margaret Peterson Haddix - ESSENTIAL

Falling Out of Time (Running Out of Time #2) by Margaret Peterson Haddix
, 352 pages. Katherine Tegen (Harper), APRIL 2023. $18.

Content: G



12yo Zola loves her perfect life. Every day she gets fresh clothes from her InstaCloset; her food is delivered by the InstaOven. She and her classmates (who are from all over the world), meet in their VR classroom and fieldtrip anywhere they wish around the world and into the past. Then she finds a piece of paper in one of her outfits – someone is pleading for help. Zola finds out that her whole life is a lie – she and her mother are stuck in a Futureville – showing what life COULD be like in 2193, but really, they are living in 2023 – and everyone in Futureville is in trouble.

Haddix makes multiple great connections to Running Out of Time – fans of the first book will not be disappointed. She shows us how confusing Zola’s adapting to the present is, after she thought she lived in the perfect future. I can see why Haddix needed to wait 20 years – technology needed to reach a point where Zola’s future life could be possible. It looks like there will be a new cover of Running that coordinates with the cover of Falling.

Cindy Mitchell, Library Teacher, MLS 

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