Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Copy Crocs by David Bedford- ADVIDABLE

Bedford, David The Copy Crocs.  Illustrated by Emily Bolam. Peachtree Publishers, Ltd, 2015. $7.95. PICTURE BOOK. Crocodile loves to spend time by himself.  He has a favorite pool that he always relaxes in and becomes very annoyed when fellow crocs get into the pool and push, prod and crowd him.  Crocodile gets out of the pool and heads for a quiet place to go.  Crocodile is frustrated when he finds somewhere new to enjoy and explore, and the other crocs follow him.  "Why do you keep copying me?" Crocodile shouted.  "Because you're always doing new, fun things, " said the other crocs.  Crocodile finally finds a place where there is only room for one croc- but will that stop the other crocs from trying to invade his space? Although Crocodile professes to like solitude and individuality, he soon realized the truth in the fact that having people around is often more fun than being alone.  This is a fun, colorful storybook set in the wild of a jungle.  The illustrations are fun and unique.  We loved the story and theme of this exciting book.  Pre-K.  EL (K-3). ADVISABLE.

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