Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Borden Murders by Sarah Miller - ESSENTIAL

Miller, Sarah The Borden Murders: Lizzie Borden & the Trial of the Century, 246 pgs. Schwartz and Wade Books, 2016. $17.99.  Language: G (no swears); Mature Content PG; Violence: PG.  

If patricide is your thing, then this book is for you.  This could be one of the definitive books on the Borden murders.  Sarah Miller has meticulously researched every historical document relating to the infamous hacking deaths of Andrew and Abbey Borden.    Miller uses primary source documents for all of her dialogue and cites her sources.  The narrative is engaging and readable.  There are inserts with quotes and passages from newspapers and the trial.  Miller does a good job of being impartial.  Fascinating facts and rumors about Lizzie and the murders ranging from the autopsies to the decapitation of the bodies by the doctor.  This may be a little long for younger readers.

MS/HS- ESSENTIAL.  Michelle in the Middle

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