Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Prince Without a Kingdom by Timothee de Fombelle - ESSENTIAL

Fombelle, Timothee de  A Prince Without a Kingdom (Vango #2), 443 pgs.  Candlewick Press, 2014.  $17.99  Content: Language: G; Violence: PG-13; Mature Content: PG.   

Vango has revenge on his mind for the man who destroyed his family.  Vango goes to America with his padre friend, Zefiro, and together they are watching and plotting against two different men who have caused Vango and Zefiro so much pain.  Vango and Zefiro learn that revenge is not as satisfying as they think and that they will lose who they are if they can’t let it go.  

All of the characters from the first book, Vango, come back in this sequel.  I loved Vango so much that I was worried the sequel wouldn’t be able to compare, but when I got to the end I cried actual tears and physically hugged the book because it was over and I loved reading it so much.  There are a lot of characters and multiple plot lines to follow.  These two books are for your more serious readers, but it is satisfying and a clean read.  The violence isn’t gruesome, but there are a couple of violent scenes.  

MS – ADVISABLE.  HS – ESSENTIAL.  Reviewer, C. Peterson. 

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