Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Third Twin by CJ Omololu - OPTIONAL

Omololu, CJ The Third Twin, 326 pgs. Delacorte Press, 2015. $17.99. Language:  R (55 swears, 37 deity, 8  f’s) Mature Content: PG-13 (mentions alcohol use, attempted date rape, off page sex) Violence:  PG-13

Lexi and Ava are twins in their senior year of high school.  Lexi is pretty serious and really wants to get into Stanford to follow in her father’s footsteps, while Ava is much more outgoing and seems less inclined to worry so much about where she goes to college. When Lexi and Ava were little they created a third twin, Alicia, to take the blame when necessary but eventually out grew her.  Just recently they decided to bring her back to date the boys they wouldn’t dare date, go places and do things they wouldn’t do, which is how Lexi, as Alicia, finds herself fighting off a boy one night who would like to go much further than she is willing.  Dressing up and being Alicia was fun but Lexi is ready to stop and tries to talk Ava into stopping, as well, when weird things start happening.  The boy Lexi went out with and fought off has turned up dead.  The police are calling the house looking for Alicia and there is evidence that others have met her and seem to know her, people that both Ava and Lexi deny knowing.  Lexi is beginning to think someone is trying to mess with them, possibly stalking them but Ava thinks she’s being paranoid until another boy Alicia dated ends up dead. 

An engaging, suspenseful mystery that moves at a good pace, a little over dramatic at times but I enjoyed it.  I really liked the cover and hoped the story would be a bit creepier but it was actually pretty mild so while the story wraps up nicely, I was a little disappointed that the resolution was so quick and anti-climatic.  I expected more reactions as the major events were resolving.  It is recommended more for HS as the characters are exhibiting behavior closer to college age than high school although there isn’t anything over the top even with the language count being pretty high. 

HS - OPTIONAL Reviewer: RB

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