Saturday, February 27, 2016

Shadows of Sherwood by Kekla Magoon - ADVISABLE

Magoon, Kekla Shadows of Sherwood, 355 pgs. Bloomsbury, 2015. $16.99.  Language: G; (1 swear 0 “F”); Mature Content: G; Violence: PG13.  

When Crown takes over control of the government, Robyn Loxley's parents disappear, and a large pool of blood in the kitchen makes Robyn fear the worst.  Escaping into Sherwood Forest,  Robyn is discovered by the military police and quickly thrown into jail where she meets Laurel, a young friend who is very clever and resourceful and the two of them escape.  Now they are on the list of the Crown’s Most Wanted. Other allies appear including Tucker, a young man training to be a minister, Scarlet, an ex-MP, Key, a mysterious boy and Merryan - the niece of the new governor - Crown.  

This exciting tribute to the Robin Hood stories was great fun. No need to know the originals, it stands on it’s own - the connections are a treat. Short chapters keep the action moving, and Robyn is both likable and full of faults, which her friends never cease to get mad at her about.  The cover suggests this will soon be a series - A Robyn Hoodlum Adventure. There is a subplot, about moon lore and pendants and secret societies - totally unnecessary.  Maybe it is needed for the sequel.

EL, MS - ADVISABLE  Lisa Librarian

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