Thursday, February 25, 2016

Resist by Ilima Todd - ESSENTIAL

Todd, Ilima Resist, 256 pages.  Shadow Mountain, JULY 2016.  $18.  Langague: G (0 swears); Violence: PG; Mature Content: PG (mentions women used as incubators kept in comas the entire time).

Since Nine reappeared and then rapidly disappeared again, Theron has really just been going through the motions.  He has a job as a Healer in an emergency clinic and after hours he parties, drinks, and fights in the boxing ring in order to feel alive.  Prime Maker Eridian has been making his life miserable by constantly dragging him in for questioning, hoping that Theron will lead her to Nine, but Theron has no idea where Nine disappeared to.  Then one day Theron gets a mysterious job offer – working as a healer on the Makers level.  This job is not only going to change Theron’s life, but it is going to be the impetus to change Freedom 1 forever.  Secrets are going to busted wide open, forces are going to be changed for good and bad. 

While I hoped there would be a sequel to Remake, I was still ecstatic when my hope was fulfilled! Todd manages to weave a complex world with tension and drama and deft character building that drew me in and inspired me to read each again in order to enjoy them more.

MS, HS - ESSENTIAL.  Cindy, Library teacher

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