Monday, February 22, 2016

Where Futures End by Parker Peevyhouse - OPTIONAL

Peevyhouse, Parker Where Futures End, 289 pages.  Kathy Dawson (Penguin), 2016.  $18.  Langauge: PG (16 swears, 0 ‘f’); Mature Content: PG (talk of a future where women take several husbands); Violence: G.

When Dylan was little he dreamed (or did he) of a fantasy land that was oh so much better than the life he was leading.  Now a teen, he is desperate to escape to that other place, sure that it is real.  Fast forward ten years, then sixty years, and finally 100 years in the future.  Dylan’s choice has change the worlds and the consequences are coming due.

Peevyhouse has made bold, maybe bizarre, choices for the future to showcase the consequences of Dylan’s jump to another world.  Hand sell this to your absolute best science fiction readers.  It would probably even be a bold choice for a class room read in the 10th or 11th grade.

HS – OPTIONAL.  Cindy, Library teacher

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Ms. Yingling said...

Yeah. Couldn't get into this, and couldn't think of any students to whom I would recommend it.