Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Up For Sale: Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery by Behnke - ADVISABLE

Behnke, Alison Marie Up For Sale: Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery, 63 pages.  $25.  Mature Content: PG-13 (mentions sex trafficking repeatedly without being descriptive, child mutilation, pimps); Violence: PG (beatings mentioned); Language: G (no swears).

Behnke writes a stark, honest book about modern slavery and the reasons people are trafficked, how they are trafficked and the jobs they are forced to do – without being graphically descriptive.  From organ harvesting, abductions for adoptions, factory child labor to the sex trade, the author covers a wide panorama of modern slavery.  The information is excellent, but the subject matter is hard to read – it is very emotionally engaging.  There is nothing titillating about the sex trade in this book – only honesty – which is important to take into consideration when deciding whether to purchase the book or not. 


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