Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Playful Pigs from A to Z by Anita Lobel - ADVISABLE

Lobel, Anita.  Playful Pigs from A to Z.  Alfred A. Knopf (Random House), 2015.  $16.99.  PICTURE BOOK. 
Twenty-six “playful pigs” wake up one morning and decide to go exploring.  They wander into a magically ABC field where each pig finds the letter that starts with their name from A to Z.  Each pig then plays with their letter using a word that starts with the same letter.   For example, “Imogen Pig Imitated an I.”  The pigs then went home to eat dinner and slept well because they had played all day.  This picture book is a twist on typical ABC books where there is a picture of an item that starts with each letter, this book is more action oriented with an action for each letter.  The illustrations are warm and playful.  The pigs aren’t dressed at the beginning or end, but once they go into the ABC clothes they are anthropomorphized and wear and behave like humans.  A delightful addition to the ABC book genre.   
Pre-K, EL-ADVISABLE.  Samantha Hastings, MA, MLS.   

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