Friday, October 30, 2015

I'm Trying to Love Spiders by Bethany Barton- ADVISABLE

Barton, Bethany. I’m Trying to Love Spiders, PICTURE BOOK. Viking, 2015. $16.99. Content: G. The narrator of this book really doesn’t like spiders, but is trying really hard to learn to like them. To reach this goal, he or she is finding out factual information about spiders (i.e. where they live, how they eat, what they do to benefit our planet). As the book progresses however, every few pages, a spider appears and the narrator can’t help but squish it. At the end of the story you have learned all sorts of information about spiders and the narrator is coming around to the idea of liking them. This is a unique take a subject that typically gives many people the heebie jeebies (myself included). It helps to keep it more engaging by taking a funnier approach to how the facts are presented, but I think maybe it was just slightly too much for my spider-sensitivity issues. Smart presentation, great facts, but still might make those who struggle with spiders a little queasy. EL- ADVISABLE. Reviewed by Shay, School Librarian

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