Saturday, October 17, 2015

Monsters on the Run by Kevin Sherry - OPTIONAL

Sherry, Kevin   Monsters on the Run (The Yeti Files, book 2)  123 pgs. Scholastic Press, 2015. $8.99. Language: G ; Mature Content: G; Violence: G

Without any character introductions, Sherry dives right into the story. Yeti Blizz and his cousin Brian play a game they call Image Scrimmage, where contestants draw a series of creatures, each one worse than the last, till the worst of all is conceived. When a letter from Loch Ness arrives, asking for help to find a friend for Vanessa, the monster who lives there, Blizz and his friends use magic from Tobin the leprechaun to travel back 65 million years. But prehistoric life is full of dangers they aren't expecting. At least they are armed with a picture of the winning creature from Image Scrimmage.

Part graphic novel, part beginning chapter book fantasy, this book has a pacing I found very disjointed, but the central light-hearted, madcap adventure resolves around a good deed: friends problem-solving together to help a friend in need. Give it to fans of Mighty Robot and Captain Underpants. However, to better understand who the characters are and what cryptid is represented by each, read the first book first. 

EL - OPTIONAL. Reviewed by P.K.Foster, teacher- librarian

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