Monday, October 19, 2015

Alphabet Trains by Samantha R. Vamos, illustrated by Ryan O'Rourke - ADVISABLE

Vamos, Samantha R.  Alphabet Trains, illustrated by Ryan O’Rourke.  Charlesbridge, 2015.  $14.95.  PICTURE BOOK.
Enjoy an alphabetical train ride through the different types of trains.  Some trains will be very familiar like the auto train, freight train, and bullet train.  Other trains are less known such as: coal trains, dinky train, elevated train, incline train, monorail, narrow-gauge train, snowplow train, unit train, and top-n-tail train.  You’ve probably noticed that there are still several letters of the alphabet that haven’t been used.  Author, Samantha Vamos, uses the names of specific trains and their routes to complete each letter of the alphabet; for example, the Victoria Express is a train that travels between Hanoi and Lao Cai in Vietnam.  There is a paragraph explanation for each train at the end of the book.  Colorful and vibrant illustrations propel this train book forward as it highlights trains and people around the world.  The rhymes are smooth, making this a great read aloud book.   
Pre-K, EL-ADVISABLE.  Samantha Hastings, MA, MLS.   

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