Saturday, October 24, 2015

Forever Red (Black Widow) by Margaret Stohl - ESSENTIAL

Stohl, Margaret Forever Red (Black Widow), 399 pages.  Marvel (Disney), 2015.  $18.

Violence: PG-13 (like every Avengers Movie); Mature Content: G; Language: PG (20+ swears, 0 ‘f’)


Natasha Romanoff can pretend that it was coincidence that has brought her into the path of the teenagers, Dante and Ava, and coincidence that brought Dante and Ava to each other’s attention, but at some point she is going to have to stop pretending.  All of them are running toward Ivan - the man who molded Natasha in the Black Widow, the man who used Ava, the man who will kill them if they get in his way.  Never let it be said that Black Widow shirks from danger - she will rush into with eyes wide open.

Stohl does a fantastic job of mimicking the adrenalin rush of an Avengers movie while tackling back story for one of the most human of all of the characters.  

Cindy, Library Teacher

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