Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Punky Brewster by Joelle Sellner - OPTIONAL

Sellner, Joelle  Punky Brewster, 110 pgs.  Illustrated by Lesley Vamos  Roar Comics/Lion Forge Comics, 2015.  $12.99  GRAPHIC NOVEL  Content: G.   

Punky is orphan who lives on the streets, she gets taken in by an orphanage. She soon finds out that she has a living relative and wants to go and live with him. The government doesn’t think it is a good idea for him to adopt Punky.  In the end they end up winning and she gets to live with Henry. 

I liked this book because it ends happily and the pictures were cute. I also thought the characters where funny.  It was good but there are better graphic novels out there.

 EL-OPTIONAL.  Reviewer, Isabelle, age 11.

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