Friday, May 8, 2015

March Book Two by John Lewis - ESSENTIAL

Lewis, John and Andrew Aydin March Book Two, illustrations by Nate Powell 192 pgs. Top Shelf Productions, 2015. Language: PG13 (6 swears 12 Ns 0 Fs); Mature Content: G; Violence: PG13.  

John Lewis continues his Graphic Novelization of his autobiography.   Working with other CORE members, Lewis tests the new anti discrimination laws by riding busses from Washington D.C.  to New Orleans.  Experiencing violence even worse than they saw at the lunch counters, many of the riders feared for their lives.  Beatings, jail, even destruction of the busses made this a difficult and dangerous project. But now the federal government is involved, and what started as a small effort culminates in the "March on Washington". 

Part two of a planned trilogy, this graphic novel look at the fight for civil rights is delivered in a poignant, realistic way. Some disturbing illustrations and repeated use of the "n" word make this book difficult to recommend to a young audience, but for the older readers, I feel that this autobiography from one of the leaders of the civil rights movement is a must have in the secondary school library. 


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