Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Here Comes the Tooth Fairy Cat by Deborah Underwood- ESSENTIAL

Underwood, Deborah Here Comes the Tooth Fairy Cat.  Illustrated by Claudia Rueda. Penguin Young Readers Group, 2015. $16.99.   Picture Book.  Content: G. Cat has lost a tooth and received a coin from the Tooth Fairy. But Cat is sad because he really wanted to meet the Tooth Fairy. Cat has an idea to leave a pretend tooth under his pillow in hopes of seeing the Tooth Fairy.  The trick doesn't work, but the Tooth Fairy sends him a package saying if he will help her out, maybe they can meet. She also sends Mouse has as Cat's assistant. Cat and Mouse need to stop at Gopher's house, Squirrel's house, Bear's house to collect teeth. But neither Cat or Mouse want to get Bear's tooth! Mouse finally gets up the courage and goes into Bear's den. Will Mouse complete the task? Will Cat ever get to meet the Tooth Fairy? Read this simply illustrated and adorable picture book to find out. The narrator of this story does all of the speaking. Cat and Mouse communicate through drawings. Although the illustrations are simple, they tell the story almost as much as the words. This is a really great book. Pre-K. EL (K-3). ESSENTIAL. Reviewer: SL. 

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