Saturday, May 23, 2015

Use the Force by Michale Siglain-ADVISABLE

Siglain, Michael, ill. By Stephanie Roux and Pilot Studio. Use the Force. Pgs. 32. Disney Hyperion, 2015 $3.99. EARLY READER

Desiring to become a Jedi Knight, Luke heads to a swamp planet to see out Yoda. There Yoda, an old Jedi, teaches him how to use the force for good. Will he learn enough to defeat Darth Vader?

The text is simple and easy to follow. The pictures are well done and they easily complement the text. A great read aloud or alone book for those interested in Star Wars or who are ELL learners. EL (K-3). ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Kira M, Youth Services Librarian, WHI Public Library.

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