Saturday, May 23, 2015

Research and Synthesize Your Facts by Valerie Bodden-ESSENTIAL

Bodden, Valerie, Research and Synthesize Your Facts. pgs. 40. Lerner Publishing, 2015. $30.65. INFORMATION

After one has a research topic and the reliable sources picked, what’s next? First, the will have to decide what note-taking method they’re going to use and what they’re going to write down. Whether they decide to use notebooks, index cards, or some other method, what they right down will depend on the type of paper. Not only will readers learn how to do these steps, but also learn how to put it all together in this book.

This book as well as the others in the series a great addition to a common core non-fiction collection. The layout is great, the information is useful. The use of examples as well as tips and instruction on how to synthesize facts, cite sources, and get started on writing an outline are just a few steps the author talks about. Easily tied back into the “Big 6” and other common core methods and standards, readers will have an easy following this book and teachers will be able to use it in their classroom instruction. Included are a glossary, index, further information sources, and a selected bibliography for further exploration. EL, MS. ESSENTIAL. Reviewer: Jessica Moody, Library Media Specialist, Olympus Jr. High.

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