Thursday, May 14, 2015

Followers by Anna Davies - OPTIONAL

Davies, Anna Followers, 216 pgs. Point Horror, 2014. Language - G, Sexual Content - PG; Violence - PG; 

Briana is not who she wants to be. She's the shy, studious, anonymous girl who dabbles in theater--it has to change. Coming back from break, Briana is now Bree and Bree is the kind of girl who gets noticed. The plan worked. Bree does get noticed. But becoming unintentionally involved in a real life murder mystery is the wrong kind of attention. 

I feel satisfied with this story now that I've read the whole thing, but I didn't think it was a great read while I was reading it. The pace was slow and I felt out of the loop. It seemed like everything was happening to Briana, but Briana wasn't doing anything. I like more action in my books--especially in my murder mysteries--but it was a nice and mild mystery for a couple afternoons. 

HS - OPTIONAL. Reviewer: Carolina Herdegen

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