Tuesday, May 5, 2015

From Sugar Beet to Sugar (A Start to Finish Book) by Lisa, Owings –OPTIONAL

Owings, Lisa  From Sugar Beet to Sugar (A Start to Finish Book) Lerner 2015. $14.99 NONFICTION
This book is exactly like it sounds, a simple step by step of how a simple beet is turned into sugar including washing, chopping, and lots of chemical extraction. Large bright photographs are shown with each step.
Basic, with no fun facts, like where else sweetener is sourced from or if the beets themselves would taste sweet, or why they are used instead of sugar cane. This book had the honor of horrifying me with the transition of a simple food going through a boatload of chemical processes. I have always been pro-sugar, but now I think I will stick with honey and maple syrup. Because of this, I don’t think students would read this book on their own, it would be strictly for a teacher to use with a lesson or assign. Its simple enough to use with 2 grade plus
EL(K-3), EL –OPTIONAL Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author.

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