Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Quirk's Quest by Robert Christie and Deborah Lang - NO

Christie, Robert  and Deborah Lang Quirk’s Quest: Into the Outlands, 126 pgs.  GRAPHIC NOVEL First Second, 2016.  $16.99  Content: PG.  

Quirk is a bumbling captain who leads a party to discover the outer edges of Crutonia.  From the get go, they encounter danger and their boat is destroyed leaving them abandoned on an unknown land.  They find a cave and at first think they have found someone to help them named Hukka, but then Hukka starts to perform magic that is harmful.  Quirk has to get his people safely away and at the same time he still tries to discover everything he can about the land.  

I wanted to like this book and at times I thought, “Okay, it’s getting better”, but overall there is just too much going on.  One problem is that there are times Quirk writes in cursive, using a hard to read font and I know a lot of kids who can’t read cursive.  Second, there are A LOT of characters and they all have really unusual names making it impossible to keep track of everyone.  Third, just when I thought I might find out what was wrong with Hukka and how Quirk was going to solve the problem, the story ends leaving it open for a series.  I would pass on reading anything else in a series, and wouldn’t recommend this book.  The illustrations look like Fraggle Rock characters which is cute, but the story line is boring and doesn’t end up going anywhere.  

EL – NO.  Reviewer, C. Peterson.

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