Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal - NO

Dantdm, Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal, pgs. unnumbered, Harper, 2016.  $19.99.  Language G; Mature Content G; Violence G.  GRAPHIC NOVEL.

Trayaurus, a clumsy scientist, and his best friend Dan are the good guys who cross paths with Denton, an evil scientist, whose minions are elves, because Denton built his lab over their settlement and they needed a home.  Why the elves didn’t revolt and try to overthrow Denton is beyond me, the book doesn’t explain their weird loyalty. A crystal drops to earth and shatters, and the scientists race to get the pieces because they contain massive amounts of energy.  A pig finds a piece of the crystal, which just happens to be made into a necklace, and puts it on and can speak.  The pig has attitude, but helps Trayaurus and Dan as they try to stop Denton from getting all the pieces to the crystal.  

I wanted to like this book because I enjoy graphic novels but there is about as much plot in this book as there is in a Mine Craft game.  The backstory is never explained and we know Denton will win because in the introduction it says that Trayaurus and Dan always make things work out. Curl up with a good comic book ¼ this size for 5x’s the plot for your graphic novel fix. 

EL/MS NOT RECOMMENDED.  Michelle in the Middle

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