Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Peddler’s Road by Matthew Cody - ADVISABLE

Cody, Matthew The Peddler’s Road (Secrets of the Pied Piper 1), 355 pgs. Alfred A. Knopf, 2015.  $17.99.  Language G; Mature Content G; Violence G. 

Carter, and his older sister, Max, are staying in the legendary village of Hamelin, Germany, where the pied piper was said to have taken all the village children hundreds of years ago.  When rats mysteriously appear, the children are transported to the Summer Isle, where they meet up with those lost children.  In an effort to get home, they set off on the Peddler’s Road to get to a black tower that has mysteriously appeared on an enchanted map since their arrival.  Max and Carter may be part of a prophecy that will allow the lost children of Hamelin to return home, but there are a lot of dangers along the Peddler’s Road.   

Warning: since this book is the first in a trilogy, the ending is quite abrupt.  There are some interesting characters and twists.  The most fleshed out character is Carter, who has a club foot and wears a leg brace, which allows for some insight on how he feels about being different from others as well as how others treat him.  What Max and Carter find in along their journey and at their destination leads directly into the 2nd book, and manages to hold the reader’s attention throughout.  This is a likeable book that adds new dimensions to the Pied Piper tale. 

EL/MS: ADVISABLE.  Michelle in the Middle

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