Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pieces and Players by Blue Ballet - OPTIONAL

Balliett, Blue Pieces and Players, 320 p. Scholastic, APRIL 2015.  Language: G; Mature Content: G; Violence: G. 

Turning 13 has not been kind to Petra, Calder, and Tommy.  Their detective skills mean less and less to themselves and to the world as they enter the extreme awkwardness of teenage-hood.  13 important pieces of art have been stolen from a small local Chicago museum.  One of the board members calls in the trio to work on the case, but she also asks in two new kids - Early and Zoomer.  The five kids need to get to know each other and solve the case.  And they are unsure which of the adults around them are actually trustworthy - especially those black jacket adults who seem to be following them around.

I have read Early’s story, which I liked quite a lot; I have not read either of the previous art mystery books in this series and I am glad that I have not.  I am mystified as to the popularity, supposedly, of these books. I found the original trio to be a whiny mess and not particularly interesting.  Consulting the Ouija board and communing with the art just pushed my incredulity overboard.  What?  Early’s own story was much more believable.  If you already have the others in your library as I do, you are going to have to buy them - sorry.  

EL, MS - OPTIONAL. Cindy, Library Teacher, MLS.

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