Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Go, Shapes, Go! by Denise Fleming -ADVISABLE

Fleming, Denise Go, Shapes, Go! PICTURE BOOK.  Beach Lane Books, 2014. $17.99. Content: G. Shapes move into action in this great book about movement and shapes.  Circles, ovals, squares and rectangles alike perform actions like jump, march and ride as they slowly begin to build something fun with their shapes.  When the surprise is almost revealed, the shapes accidentally fall from their formation and struggle to get it put back together the correct way.  But in the end their formation is better than ever.  This is a fun book not only about shapes, but about guessing and predictability.  The illustrations are fun and wonderful. We enjoyed this book.  This can be used in a unit on shapes. Pre-K.  EL (K-3). ADVISABLE. Reviewer: SL.

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