Sunday, May 27, 2012

Return of the First Avenger by Michael Siglain-ESSENTIAL

Siglain, Michael, Return of the First Avenger. Marvel, 2012. Pgs. 32. EASY READER.

Steve Rogers wasn’t always a superhero. After an experiment that left him with big and strong, he turned into a superhero. After sinking into cold ice, he became frozen until modern day when he joined his fellow Avengers to save the world from bad guys.

A good book for early readers as well as struggling readeders and ESL students. The story is fairly well-developed for an easy reader and has possible curriculum connections with history and narrative. Readers who like Marvel and superheroes will enjoy reading this book.

PreK, EL (K-3), EL (4-6), MS. ESSENTIAL. Reviewer: Jessica Moody, Library Media Specialist, Olympus Jr. High.

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