Monday, May 28, 2012

Outlaw by Stephen Davies -ADVISABLE

Davies, Stephen Outlaw 304 pgs. Clarion Books, 2011. $12.40.  

Language: G, Violence: PG, Sexual Content: G

Jake spends his days at boarding school getting into mischief. Once he  joins his family in Africa, the stakes are much higher. When Jake and his sister are kidnapped, his technology skills and ingenuity are put to the test. Is Yakuuba Sor, the outlaw that captured them, as bad as he seems?

This incredibly fast paced book is full of adventure and some interesting lessons about corruption, politics, and of course, technology. Both books I have reviewed by this author (See Hacking Timbuktu) have featured main characters that really intelligent and brave. I think students will really enjoy this book and be inspired to learn more technology tools along the way.

MS, HS – ADVISABLE Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate & Author.

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