Thursday, May 10, 2012

My First Soccer Book by Clive Gifford -ADVISABLE

Gifford, Clive. My First Soccer Book, Photographs by Michael Wicks. 48 pgs.  Kingfisher, 2012.  $12.99. Content: G PICTURE BOOK.  This is an informational book packed with incredible photographs and easy to read and understand text.  From “What to Wear” to “Heading the Ball” there is information on everything a child would need to know in order to play and understand the game of soccer.  We are soccer fans and participants and found this book to be “spot on” with its instructions and information.  This would be a perfect addition to any library as a reference for the game of soccer.  ADVISABLE. EL (K-3).  EL.  Reviewer: SL. 

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