Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Speaker by Traci Chee - OPTIONAL

Chee, Traci  The Speaker, (#2 Sea of Ink and Gold), 487 pgs.  G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2017.  $19.99 

Content: Language: PG (1 swear); Violence: R; Mature Content: PG-13.  

Sefia and Archer decide that they are going to free as many boys from the Impressors as they are able.  Impressors kidnap teenagers and brand them and make them fight, a past that Archer shared.  Sefia uses the magic of her book to look into the future and find where the Impressors are hiding and then Archer and his growing band of released boys attack the Impressors and release more boys.  The kingdom is being manipulated into a war, and it is prophesied that a boy will rise up and lead, Sefia and Archer are trying to overcome the destiny spelled out for them in the book and help others along the way.  

This book was better organized than the first in the series.  The characters are likable and the story line weaves together into an interesting world.  As much as I enjoyed this book, it seemed long and drawn out and it took me a long time to finish it.  The violence is over the top, Archer has a drive for fighting and so do the other boys in his band.  The details of their fights are often gruesome and gory.  

MS, HS – OPTIONAL.  Reviewer, C. Peterson.

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