Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Revolutionary Rogues: John Andre and Benedict Arnold by Selene Castrovilla -ADVISABLE

Castrovilla, Selence Revolutionary Rogues: John Andre and Benedict Arnold PICTURE BOOK. Clakins (highlights), 2017. $18.
This is the story of the short span of events during the Revolutionary War, which surrounded the betrayal of Benedict Arnold. Readers meet John Andre the new British head of Intelligence and Benedict, who is upset with George Washington and looking for acknowledgement for his efforts and the war and finding only disappointment. John Andre is thrilled to discover such a high ranking officer is willing to meet with him, and after many failed attempts, they agree to meet in person. Things go wrong for both men from there, and one is proclaimed a hero and martyr and the other will forever be known as a traitor. Woodblock style illustrations are featured.

This is an excellent snapshot in time book for a read aloud by a teacher, should take about 15 minutes to read through and will work great for upper elementary. (Too much text and context for younger students) I didn’t realize the day to day details of these events, making it a fascinating read. Teachers will love the discussion point of why John Andre was so celebrated and beloved by his people versus how Benedict was treated. The illustrations are a bit overly detailed and muddled to shared with a large group and I felt like I was peeking at the events through old glass speckled with dirty rain. I wish more illustrators would make these events feel more true to life or bold and amazing looking. 

EL –ADVISABLE.  Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author

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